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Patty's Patties


Our premium natural Raw dog food is formulated from only the finest ingredients.

Real Bison,  Beef and Lamb for your dog.

Our original recipe with its main ingredient is beef and only beef, our two newest formulations are Bison and lamb, with their complimentary ingredients. We use all natural or organic animals from grass fed hormone and drug free Colorado herds that are hand selected by our nutritionist.  We also select our hearts and livers from those same animals and insure the utmost quality of our product. Our bison, beef or lamb is better in quality than you may eat yourself.


Grazing buffalo on horizon

Our fruits and vegetables are organic and for the most part grown in Colorado.  We strive to support the farmers and ranchers of Colorado and make it our commitment to use as much locally quality grown merchandise as possible.


In our processing we make small batches to insure consistency and quality, we flash freeze every Pattie and individually vacuum seal it with nitrogen to insure freshness with no freezer burn like many other raw products.

We never expose our meat to above room temperature during processing. We take great caution to not mix other ingredients in before proper cooling, (we cook our apples into applesauce and our potatoes) as to not to cook our meat.  We flash cook our spinach to lock in the critical nutrients and release others to be absorbed by the large intestine at just the right time. All the other ingredients are mixed to exact specifications and are quality tested each batch.  It may take a little longer to produce but we make each batch by hand and insure the best quality and consistency possible.  We pray over each batch and thank the Lord for giving us this opportunity and for saving Sam to help so many others.

In short you can be assured of the finest ingredients on the market, mixed to perfection and to a quality second to none.  We feed the same mix to our dogs and would never compromise quality to price or quantity.  Our goal is to provide AFFORDABLE raw dog food to millions of furry friends out there, so that you can enjoy them longer knowing that you are feeding the finest feed available at an affordable price. Every dog deserves every day of his seven years.


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